A tribute to the Medical Army and a Prayer for the world at time of COVID-19, Pandemic..

Dear Friends,

In devastating times like these, we often find what’s most valuable to us whether it be the healthcare we took for granted or the delivery man we didn’t notice, or even meeting up with friends once a week. When thousands of innocent people are dying due to a global pandemic, we owe it to all healthcare workers and essential employees for looking after us, feeding us, and keeping us safe and healthy. Team AMA have therefore compiled a song with the graceful singers of Aberdeen as a prayer and to show tribute to the front-line workers who are making this country run during these unprecedented times.

In times such as these, we must not lose hope. Mahatma Ghandi famously said *’In the midst of darkness, light persists’* This too shall pass.

Kind Regards,
Team AMA 2020


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